"Tainted" - Recharged (2016)

The day has come to a close,

the cold breeze of night blows.

Your presence is made clear,

a sight for us to fear. 

In the depths of your treason, 

lie qualities that are reptilian.

You emerge from oblivion,

you are my tainted demon.


You come out in the darkest times,

hidden behind all the clouds,

afraid to witness the light of day.

In front of all your beauty

lays your tainted gaze. 

The life of night dwellers who speak your lies,

morphine to the souls that stare into the sky


You shine dim enough to keep us blind.

The light, for us, you hold above our eyes

to hope you realize you are not more

than a fraud, you suck up all we know.

A chain you bound to me to keep me down,

it's all your fault that I drowned myself in me.


With the distance you keep from me I spiral out of control

of control

of control

of control


You are so beautiful with all your cracks and holes.

The distance you keep from me - without you, I would spiral out of control.

You pull the tides that keep me adrift,

You push the currents that keep me lost.


The moon.