"Still Water" - Recharged (2016)

Being at the bottom,

there’s nothing for me to feel.

This hollowness,

this empty good bye,

that purity gave as I fell from the sky.

I came back to earth and I landed in a hole,

It’s just an empty dream and i’m trying to find hope.

The water at the bottom feels so still,

like the empty canvas inside of my self


In the bottom of this hole,

I try to find some peace,

but this emptiness caressing me

isn’t quite helping. 

As the echoes of my cries

ring from these walls,

I see red water

dripping from my palms.

And as I climb up,

I fall down,

I should’ve never sacrificed 

my life a crown.

I should’ve realized

that in outer space 

there’s no air for me,

and in this space I feel the same, 

and in the place I feel insane.


Being at the bottom,

in this cave, the water feels so still.

And I have nothing to guide me

but the ripple effect of every time i fall down and smash my head.

And since there’s nothing there for me,

then why am i here?

I need to climb to see the other side.

I want to be no longer alive.