"Rising" - Recharged (2016)

Why did I spend so much time living in limbo?

Why did I live my life in disarray, worried about everything?


First: finding me, looking desperately.

"Must be unique" 

but then I started fitting in,

fading away, losing me,

and then I started

crumbling, falling apart.

Nothing’s left but the bottom.


From this hole on Earth, I glare up at the sky.

My life’s only shuttle diverted by our satellite.

I never reached the stars, the moon blocked my guiding light,

but now I see I don’t need that light to shine.


It’s time now to stand up and get off the floor.

To move my arms, lift my legs, climb out this hole.

The gravity pulls as I start coming up,

incessant holding me, not letting go.

I look back, my past life is scaling up too.

It calls for me, stabs at me, picks at my truth.

But I don’t stop this climb, I don’t breathe for air.

I smash it’s fucking lies because I don’t fucking care.

I scream fuck you society and fuck all your goals,

to live my life I only need to let go.

As I tread on this climb, I can now see the sun.

As I climb to be free, the weight adds on.

I claw to the surface, I pull to be free

because nothing just gravity is leeched onto me.

I pull up, it pulls down, it tugs on my life.

and then I tell gravity:

"I am greater than you!"


I will rise

I will rise

I will rise

I will rise


As I take off to leave Earth without veering course,

I look to the stars, I look past the moon.

But it’s shackles and chains are still bound to me.

You’re not holding me down.