"Metanoia" - Recharged (2016)

I paved a path to move on.

To lift off, I need to let go.

Oh I’m not the little boy that I once was.

Atlas to the world I imagined it would be,

You’re not the guiding light I envisioned floating in my dreams.

Would you listen if I say that I just can’t stay anymore?

Will you hear my words if I stand screaming at your door?

And this ignorance, we self proclaim to have a God unknown. 

This hope for Life to make a change by praising set-in-stone.

Why don’t you carve a pen and bleed the ink instead of begging hope?

'Cause to make a change, to pull the tide, we need more than we know.


More than just evolving, I’m no longer blind.


Breathing in

Holding in

Growing up

Breaking out


To breathe the air, to pull the tides, to being in control.

This path I made, this path I chose, is bruised, blind, and old.

And as I’m coming up, I'm coming out, un-caging my mind. 

To snap the leash, to bend the lines, immerse in the sublime.


To be the air, to be the tides, to be in control.

This path I made, this path I chose, has made me more than gold.

It's moved me up, it's moved me out, it's uncaged my mind.

It snapped the leash, it broke the lines, it's now made me divine.


Ascending up, beyond the clouds, beyond the light of sky.

I did not need you to hold my hand to send out all my waves.

I'm coming up, I'm all around, I've left my being.

I'm greater than you, I'm greater than me.